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Seller Policy

seller Account: Sellers are responsible to maintain and keep up to date, their account information. (For example, contact information, shipping information, payout account information and location of item information, etc.).
Listing Requirements: Sellers are responsible for posting all relevant or accurate information in the listing, necessary to sell and convey the item. This includes but may not be limited to.

  • Accurate information on product condition, color, size, model, and variation. 
  • Accurate details of what is in the box.

Half Price Gh: beware our sellers; do not create any misrepresentation for selling your item to buyers. As a result, any misrepresentation or facts found from buyers after purchasing your item, buyers can claim their refund. Note: We can review your listing if your listing is found violating our prohibited items policy then we are liable to deactivate your Half Price Gh seller account permanently at any stage and will take severe legal action against you.: Prohibited item: You agree not to sell any counterfeit or stolen item on our site. Half Price Gh does not accept any liability or responsibility for the stolen or counterfeit items.: Direct Offers/Dealings: Half Price Gh:, always beware sellers/buyers avoid scam users by not dealing with direct offers. In such cases, we are not liable or responsible for any kind of loss, damages, etc.

: Product with contact information: Sellers are not allowed to share their personal contact details anywhere in (user chat, uploaded listing images, product title, or description). If any seller is found, it may cause the deactivation of the seller's account.

Product Images: all sellers are required to upload professional photos of product high quality photos, listings with poor picture quality may delay being approved by our images intelligence system therefore always make sure to upload only high-quality photos of your product. If for some reason you can’t get the required photo quality reach out to support to assist you.

: Delivery: Specify delivery of your item during listing clearly. When a seller accepts free/paid shipping of an item you are liable to deliver an Item sold by you; In the same condition as described in your listing on the site.

  • Free of material defects and hazards.
  • Within expected shipping/ transportation and handling time.
  • After packing, drop your product at the selected shipping carrier.

Note: Sellers are fully responsible to ship the items within 3 days after receiving an order, please check section to see the packaging guidelines. “How to pack my items?”

: Warranties: The seller guarantees that the item has marketable legal title and is their property as of the date of the sale. The seller also acknowledges that the item that is being sold is theirs as of the date of the transaction. This thing should be in the same condition on the date of sale as described in the item description. 

: How to pack items/products?

When you received an order, now it is time to prepare your package.

Sellers are instructed to pack items carefully. Drop the package at the right shipping carrier and ship it within the handling time described in the listing.

Before shipping consider the following steps:

Choose a box in which the product may fit easily with a spare room left behind.

  • Wrap it with bubble wraps, form, and paper peanuts for the safety of the product.
  • It should not move freely inside the box, left loose can cause damage to the product.
  • Before shipping, must verify the packing by shaking it.
  • Cover all the empty spaces inside the box which holds the product, to ensure the item is tightly packed.
  • Use clear packaging tape to wrap your product and for the box as well.
  • Use tape at the opening of the box and cover edges to prevent damage to the box.
  • Do not use Adhesive tapes, strings, cables, or twine for tightening the box.
  • Paste a shipping label on the box which is clearly visible containing the seller returning address with the buyer’s information.
  • Reusing the box? Remove or cover information already used once for Shipping with a darker color marker so as not to create any confusion for the shipping carrier.
  • If shipping multiple items use a separate wrapping for each of the products, keep at least 1 to 2 inches of space between each of the products to ensure the safety of the product.
  • If you are shipping small items then use an envelope, Poly mailer envelopes which are ideal to ship smaller items safely.
  • Shipping any electric item or crockery use heavy-duty shipping boxes for Items do not break and reach safely to the buyers.
  • Fragile items must be labeled as handled with care with fragile warning labels on the box for the shipping carrier's assistance. If the item is not bendable and is a fragile item use a separate label indicating it.


   International Seller:  If you wish to sell on Half Price Gh, Ghana market and live outside Ghana please contact support for legal arrangement for international seller procedure. If you apply for a seller account as an international seller without contacting support, your account would be instantly terminated. You can reach support at: [email protected] and in the subject of your message input (international Seller)


Sellers cannot Receive their payment during the trading process. Once payments have matured, they will be shown in your available balance. Here, you can send a payment withdrawal request from the Half Price Gh seller account.
Note: Payments usually gets mature instantly if the buyer leaves feedback on your product, otherwise it takes up to 3-10 days for payments to be matured after the product is delivered to the buyer.
: payment Withdrawal methods:
The following are the funds withdrawal methods available at Half Price Gh

  • Mobile Money
  • Bank Transfer
  • Checks

: Payment processing time: These withdrawal requests take 3 to 5 business days for the funds transferred to your account.
: In Case of Checks: We will send cross-check by the name given on your profile, address: we will send a check after deducting the shipping fee from your requested amount.


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